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Pre-University Level (A-levels)

Welcome to our Pre-University a.k.a A-levels section. Here you will learn all about our enhanced education model and how you can benefit from it.

A-levels redesigned & restructured.

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Our Education Model


Time is everything. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to restructure and redesign the way we teach and the way you spend these life-changing years. A-levels is not just your final years of schooling. When you enter A-levels you enter Pre-University Years and we do not take this lightly. 


We created our Pre-University Education Model specifically keeping your future in mind. With us you will dive into your courses right from the get-go and move at a pace faster than most traditional schooling systems. However, we understand every student is unique in their own way and some might grasp knowledge better than others. If you feel you would benefit from a more traditional A-levels journey, we will structure your study timelines in accordance to your abilities. Head over to our FAQ section to learn more or book an online appointment to speak with an Admissions Advisor   

Benefits of Our Non-traditional Pre-University Education Model

  • Students are put into a focused study mode; given clear course specifications and guidelines of what is expected from them.

  • Students are given a head-start for University life. 

  • Students benefit from On-campus & Online teaching through our E-learning platform.

  • Students are allowed to re-sit an Unit Exam of a particular course, if they did not receive their desired mark on that unit and want to bump up their grade before applying for university.

  • Students are registered for their board examinations through the British International School's certified Edexcel Centre(our campus).

  • Students have access to recent locked Examination Pastpapers only centres are allowed to have. 

  • Have the opportunity to receive an Edexcel High Achievers Award from amongst the top performers in the world

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Extra Curricular Activities?

Students enjoy an abundance of extra-curricular activities in their former schooling years. At a Pre-University Level we encourage students to be solely focused on their course of studies. We understand the importance of finding oneself through the exploration of different activities, however, at BIS our aim is to set you up for optimal success in your academic lives. Given our enhanced courses require up to 30 hours of study in a given academic week students are encouraged to solely focus on their courses of study for the entire time they are enrolled with us.

How do we manage?

When students are accepted to our Pre-University level, the school has a certain level of expectation from the students. We set timelines and goals and all the students are expected to meet those deadlines. Doing our qualifications would mean students have to display a 90% attendance rate and if for unforeseen reasons they are unable to attend classes on campus, they are expected to attend and complete their given tasks for the day Online through our school's Online Learning Portal. Every Pre-University Level student has an account made on our E-learning platform, Moodle. On Moodle your teachers will provide students with extra webinars if required, create quizzes, request assignment submissions and provide additional resources that the students can use to continue their independent studies once they are outside of their classrooms.


Our Pre-University Education Model was designed keeping only Academics in mind. Similarly, if for unforeseen reasons the school cannot conduct a normal school day within the campus, our teachers and students are required to conduct and complete all learning for that day through live webinars as they would normally do on that particular day within school premises.

Dive into your course

From the first day of your Pre-University level, you will be given complete course specification for all the qualifications you choose. Each Unit in every qualification is time-lined and you will be guided to complete your studies of each unit within the duration specified in your course specifications.

Get productive

Being at Pre-University Level we expect our students to be responsible and productive. You will have all the resources and information at your disposal to make the best decisions for yourself and make the most of your time at BIS as a Pre-University level student. 

sit for your exams

Edexcel has three exam windows. November; January and June. Every time you complete your studies for each unit of your courses you are given an option to sit for board exams for those units. To learn more about the number of units in each course head over to our A-level Course Specification page.

Consult with your teachers

We will always be here to help and guide you. You are encouraged to consult with your teachers before sitting your Edexcel examinations. We want to make sure you get your desired mark in your first attempt. 

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