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British International School is divided into five sections, each of the sections comprise of year blocks. The years are divided all the way from Pre-School to Pre-University levels. The School organizes itself this way to allow the highest level of order and give educators the chance to work directly with the heads of their departments in order to create a smooth pipeline of work flow. Additionally this give parents the opportunity to better understand the aims and objectives of the year blocks and the personal development their child will go through. 


International Advanced Levels

Pearson Edexcel

Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Levels have been developed in consultation with educators, including teachers and university lecturers, to be relevant for international learners and support progression to universities around the world. They differ from A levels in that they have a flexible, modular structure, but maintain the rigorous standards of all Pearson Edexcel qualifications and are comparable to the UK A level, as confirmed by NARIC. All subjects (except Law and IT) offer January, June and October examination windows, giving students more options when applying to local and international universities. In 2018 Edexcel Pearson launched 8 updated subjects – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business, Economics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Pure Mathematics and also a brand new Information Technology qualification

At British International School, A-Levels is branded as Pre-University Levels. We have over the years worked hard towards structuring a study model for students studying at our Pre-university Level to give them an optimal chance to score the highest grades in their A-levels. We encourage students to solely focus on their course of studies and have a clear pathway in mind. Students are provided with course specifications at the start of the year that clearly guides them through what is expected and when. To learn more about our Pre-University Education Model head on to our Pre-University Level page.

To complete a full A-Level qualification, students must give exams for all the units of that course. Students can choose to give all the units together in one exam window or choose to give them separately in either the January or June exam seasons. This gives students an opportunity to divide their study load and to re-sit particular units they might have not done well in, in order to improve their over all course grade.


Below is a table of some of the qualifications and the number of Units students must complete in order to complete their A-levels in that subject. Each unit has an exam. To learn more about course specifications for each subject head over to our A-levels Curriculum page.

IAL Core Modules.png

International Advanced Level (A-Levels) a.k.a Pre-University Level at BIS

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