Pre-University Level FAQ Section

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Frequently asked questions

What do I study at Pre-University Level?

At Pre-University level you will be studying Pearsons Edexcel A-Level Qualifications. British International School offers a wide range of A-level qualifications.

Why is English Language or Literature one of the compulsory courses out of the 4 mandatory courses?

As we created our Pre-University level, we asked ourselves, numerous students and teachers what would be most beneficial for students entering Univeristy in Pakistan or aboard? The answer was always the same, having a strong foundation in English. We prepare students for University by ensuring before they are done with our Pre-University Program they know how to write University level Essays; know how to use citations; know how to reference and know how to aviod plagiarism.

How do I get a Head-start for University through BIS's PUL Program?

Students complete a 100% A-level qualification(English) in their first year in the Pre-University Level Program. Additionally, students who preform exceptionally well in their academics have a chance to complete more than one full A-level's qualification in One Academic Year.

How are Edexcel A-level qualifications structured?

Each qualification(course/subject) is divided into Units. Each Unit of the course holds a mark percentage. Students must study for and sit board examinations for every unit of a course in order to have completed the entire qualification.

How are Edexcel A-level qualification structure beneficial?

For example; a student chooses to do Business Studies' A-levels qualifications. The entire Business studies course is divided into Four(4) Units. If a student does not score well in 1 of the 4 units in their board exams. They have the option to only re-sit the one unit he/she did not do well in. This way the student secures their grade from the 3 units they socred well in and can bump up their overall course grade by re-sitting the board exam for only that one unit.

What if i score a lower grade in my re-sit?

If a student re-sits a board exam for a unit and they score lower then their previous grade. Edexcel will consider the pervious grade that was higher than the re-sit. This way the student can never lose marks but instead only have ways to bump up their grades.