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IAL Courses Curriculum for A-Levels

iAL - Also known as International Advanced Level (A-Level) is Years 12 & 13 in the Edexcel curriculum.

A-levels Course Specifications 

Pearsons Edexcel International Advanced Level (A-levels) courses/subjects are structured in a way to give students the best chance at scoring well in their board examinations. This is done by dividing each subject in units covering specific topics and each unit has an exam. The 100% of the course grade is divided in these units.


To complete a full A-Level qualification, students must give exams for all the units of that course. Students can choose to give all the units together in one exam season or choose to give them separately in either the January or June exam seasons. This gives students an opportunity to divide their study load and to re-sit particular units they might have not done well in, in order to improve their over all course grade.

Four(4) is the minimum number of core courses BIS Karachi Campus Students are required to choose, English Language or English Literature being one of the four compulsory qualifications. Students can also choose additional Elective courses if they wish too. 

The number of courses you wish to enrol for is left to your discretion as long as its above the required number of courses (4). We want students to be given the chance to chose their own pace and how much they wish to take on each term. 

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