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IGCSE Core Courses Curriculum for Year's 10 & 11

iGCSE - Also known as International General Certificate of Secondary Education

is Years 10 & 11 in the Edexcel curriculum.

Year 11

Why Choose IGCSE Sciences at the British International School?

At the British International School our Science Laboratory is a safe haven exclusively dedicated to our IGCSE and IAL science students, it is accessible 5 days a week, open for exploration, critical thinking and innovation. 


Our Science department takes pride in offering the complete range of Edexcel IGCSE 9-1 sciences qualifications, which range from the following:

⦁    Biology
⦁    Human Biology 
⦁    Chemistry 
⦁    Physics 
⦁    Single Award and Double awards Sciences

The course structure we follow are coherent and well-structured giving students the chance to thrive in their respective subjects. We don’t believe in the concept of ‘read, memorize and write’ our focus is on building core concepts and showing real life examples to the best of what we have access to.

We follow the straightforward approach towards assessments, putting practical experimentation at the heart of our teaching methodologies, supported by Edexcel Pearson’s specifications created carefully for each of the above sciences subjects. But keeping in line with the recent research all of the above subjects are assessed via 100% written examinations, with no practical assessments once students appear for their final exams.

Our experimentation methods are applied in the 2-year study of IGCSE year 10 and 11 to clear concepts to the best of our ability, so as to initiate students to write real life findings when encountering biology, chemistry and physics core concepts. This allows students to truly develop a keen interest for their future scientific endeavors.

Assessment Breakdown

IGCSE science assessment 1.png

Assessment Breakdown for Single/Double Award:

IGCSE Science assessment 2.jpg

*Source adapted from - Edexcel Pearson Official website

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