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IGCSE Core Courses Curriculum for Year's 10 & 11

iGCSE - Also known as International General Certificate of Secondary Education

is Years 10 & 11 in the Edexcel curriculum.

IGCSE Core Courses Curriculum for Year's 10 & 11

Year 10

Year 11

English as a Second Language:

Qualification at a glance:

The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in English as a Second Language (ESL) qualification comprises two assessments:

  • Paper 1 – a written examination paper 

  • Paper 2 – a written examination paper. ​

  • Speaking Exam – Optional 


Passages will be taken from a variety of sources, including fiction, and may include factual information, explanation, opinions and biographical writing

Part 1 – Skimming and scanning skills. 

Part 2 – Read for both gist and detail. 

Part 3 – Read for both gist and detail, follow a line of argument or discussion, and identify attitudes and opinions in the text. 

Part 6 – Read for details to be included in the summary writing (see Writing section below). 


Part 4 – Short piece of writing in response to a given situation. The writing can take the form of a letter, email or postcard and students may have to both provide information and ask for required information.

Part 5 – Factual piece of writing based on own knowledge and interests. The writing can take the form of a report or article. 

Part 6 – Respond to one or two short texts, approximately 500 words in total, and produce a summary for a given purpose and reader. 


Part 1 – Listening to short extracts; identifying the item, place or event being described. 

Part 2 – Listening for detailed information. 

Part 3 – Following a discussion or argument; identifying attitude and opinions of speakers; following instructions. 

Part 4 – Listening to a complex argument or discussion; understanding the overall message; identifying attitudes and opinion. 

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