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IGCSE Core Courses Curriculum for Year's 10 & 11

iGCSE - Also known as International General Certificate of Secondary Education

is Years 10 & 11 in the Edexcel curriculum.

Year 10

Year 11

Why choose to study in our department of IGCSE’s 
Accounting|Business|Commerce|Economics at the
British International School?

Our school takes pride in offering the complete range of Edexcel ‘s 2-year course taught between grade 10 and grade 11. Following are the IGCSE 9-1 qualifications, which range from the following:


  • Accounting

  • Business

  • Commerce

  • Economics

The course structure we follow are coherent and well-structured giving students the chance to thrive in their respective subjects. We don’t believe in the concept of ‘read, memorize and write’ our focus is on building core concepts, allowing for critical thinking, questioning theories and analyzing real life case-studies to the best of what we have access to.

A new, two-paper model: Designed to provide students with greater opportunities to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, for all 4 subjects. For example in Accounting. We will test knowledge, understanding and application in Paper 1: Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting, and focus the assessment on two practical case studies allowing students to prepare full accounts in Paper 2: Financial Statements. 

Accessible assessment for all abilities: To ensure all students are able to access the whole exam paper Edexcel Pearson have introduced ramping within each question. Questions start with a low mark tariff and become more challenging as students work their way through the paper, helping to build confidence. 

Fully prepares students for progression on to further study: Edexcel Pearson has reduced the gap between International GCSE and IAL/A Level by ensuring similar topics are taught across both qualification levels. For example in Economics they have also introduced a 12-mark ‘Evaluate’ question that introduces an extended writing opportunity to make the transition to Level 3 assessment easier for students.

Business IGCSE Assessment breakdown.JPG
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