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British International School is divided into five sections, each of the sections comprise of year blocks. The years are divided all the way from Pre-School to Pre-University levels. The School organizes itself this way to allow the highest level of order and give educators the chance to work directly with the heads of their departments in order to create a smooth pipeline of work flow. Additionally this give parents the opportunity to better understand the aims and objectives of the year blocks and the personal development their child will go through. 


Pearson Edexcel

Early Years

The Edexcel Early Years curricula is a 2 year programme for K and pre-K reception and nursery children. It contains clear and exemplified objectives to help teachers understand the level that children should be working at and how learning progresses over time.

The Early Years Programme includes:

Early years curricula.jpg

Our Early Years curriculum for students aged 3 to 5 covers the prerequisites for students moving into full-time academic education and starting our iPrimary programme.

Learn more about the extra activities we follow with our PreSchoolers.


Learn about what we do in our classrooms.

Circle Time

Learn about what we do in our classrooms.


Learn about what we do in our classrooms.

Out Doors

Learn about what we do in our classrooms.

Apart from fun activities, During circle time our teachers help create a safe and nurturing environment for our pre-schoolers where they will be encouraged to feel secure and confident. Circle time activities vary from Monday to Friday. During this time all the students and teachers sit in a circle and get in touch with their emotional understanding, children are encouraged to be kind to their neighbouring friend, they are taught to give other a chance to speak and wait their turn. We end circle time by stretching our arms and legs feeling refreshed to continue our day ahead.


Early years
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