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Vadood Academic Excellence Scholarship

British International School has teamed up with The United Nations Association of Pakistan (UNAP) to offer prospective A-level students a unique chance to receive a fully funded scholarship to British International School's Internationally Accredited

A-Levels Program.

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Vadood Academic Excellence Scholarship

This award is presented to a student who has maintained a B+ average and has maintained a perfect attendance record.

Program(s): AS & A-Levels.

Title: Vadood Academic Excellence Scholarship

Type: Scholarship

Program Length: 24 Months.

Start Date: Fall 2020 

Demonstrated Financial Need*: YES

Criteria 1: Completed O-levels on a B+ average.

Criteria 2: Participated in extra curricular activities with leadership qualities

Criteria 3: Eligible only for On-Campus Studying ONLY. 

Minimum Grade Requirements: B+

Type of Application: Application and reference

Application Requirements: Submit a cover letter briefly outlining their contribution (include the start/end date of the activity, number of hours per week and some specific details about the activity)

Nomination/Reference Requirements: One letter of support, on official letterhead from a pervious Educational Institution.

Selection Made By: BIS Board Members, UNAP and Awarding Partners.

Award Value: Rs1,000,000.

Number of Awards: 1

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