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Meet some of our Team members!

BIS teachers are experienced and professional.  They are university graduates, bilingual, and most importantly they understand every student is different. BIS teachers have immense resources at their disposal and a well-structured curriculum that is over looked by the Head of departments to ensure all teaching materials and techniques meet the Edexcel standards. BIS teachers understand the subtle differences in approach needed when teaching a class of students of different strengths and weaknesses. They possess the knowledge and strategies required to get the most out of each and every student. Your teachers will care about you and will take an active interest in helping you to improve in every field to the best of your ability.

*For our current students and parents, click here to book an appointment with a member of staff.

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Mehreen Ali

Primary Head Coordinator 

"My journey in BIS has been very encouraging & exciting.


With Masters degree in English Literature and a professional degree in teaching, I have had all the opportunities to incorporate my skills and training in the best possible way.


BIS has played an important role in enhancing my professional skills and experience. I am proud to be a part of the BIS team."


Maaz Khan

Mathematics Teacher

"I have a Masters in Business Administration and passion for Mathematics.

My commitment to teaching math has only strengthened, as I continue to find great success with different methods in my classroom.

Last year one of my student got distinction in Mathematics O Levels for which I was rewarded the best Mathematics Teacher by Edexcel Pearson.

I’ve been teaching Mathematics and Physics in BIS from almost two years. The administration at BIS has always been very kind and supportive."

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Wazir Muhammad

Chemistry Teacher

Wazir Muhammad Khan holds a degree in M.S (M.Phill) chemical sciences and B.Ed. He has been facilitating O and A level students for 8 years. 
He has not only worked as an O and A level teacher but also paid his services as a career counsellor.
We are glad to tell you that 80% of his students have got A*s and A's in Chemistry. 
His affiliation with BIS provides an opportunity for the students to enhance their abilities by his unique  techniques of teaching.

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Ali Saleem

Head of ICT

"I have pursued my Masters degree in Business Administration and hold a diploma in Computer Science and software development, Graphic designing and certification in Networking. 

In addition to my career as an educator I am a member of United Nations Association of Pakistan and work for the creation about the awareness of UN goals. 

I’ve been associated with BIS from last 5 years; it has been a great journey and I’ve learned a lot, The staff and the administration are very cooperative and committed to their work. I am honoured and proud to be a part of BIS team”

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