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Welcome to British International School

Our School is an independent; Edexcel Certified School set in the vibrant south of Karachi surrounded by malls and restaurants. We are home to students from pre-school to pre-university and an expert faculty and staff — a community representing different nations. We are proud of our international and multi-cultural ethos, and the way our community collaborates to make a difference. Our world-renowned curriculum is built on the best of global and UK standards.

Teacher and Student

Exam Registrations now open for IGCSE and A-Levels. To register please call +92 300 2141656, +92 336 2117976 or email us at

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​Deciding where your child receives their education will direct the course of their lives. I am proud to bring British International School to you, allowing you to make the best decision for your child’s future. I believe students not only need to achieve great education but also need to learn a set of core values which include kindness, courtesy, confidence and humility. I hope that each student leaves this school with a greater sense of social responsibility and set on a path to become great contributors to society. We work hard to ensure that every child is given the best possible academic outcome, develops strength of character and go on to achieve their personal goals.  Achieving these accomplishments is only probable through the work of a growing and talented staff. I am proud of our teachers who bring with them their own diverse talents and passions. Their commitment to their students extends far outside the classroom and well beyond the workday. I look forward to welcoming you to become a part of our family and our dream of bettering our society with the strength of education and good character.

Daniya Al Shiekhly, Head of School

Re-designing Your A-levels Experience

At BIS you have a chance to Ace through your A-levels with our Unique accelerated program

More about us & Edexcel

Our students are at the centre of our plans; we aim to set them up for great success and optimal academic performance. Offering Edexcel's curriculum that is designed to advance learners’ skills while developing knowledge. Edexcel’s qualifications help learners either progress to higher education or go directly into employment. They are grounded in the quality and traditions of the British education system made relevant for today’s UK and international learners.


Along with our determination of providing our students with the best of education our most important rule is to teach our students to be Kind, Generous and Thoughtful human beings. We offer a broad curriculum with Arts, Dramas, ICT, French, Music and PE. Our mission is to give our students the best experience of their academic lives, with greater discovery, higher accomplishment and richer passion. 

British International School was started with only one aim, to offer students the chance to ditch Cambridge and opt for newer, more robust and academically challenging curriculum. Pearson Edexcel is the brand name for academic and general qualifications; including GCSEs and A levels, as well as some vocational qualifications, including NVQs and Functional Skills.

A little History

Edexcel began as an awarding organisation following the merger of London Examinations and BTEC in 1996. After Pearson became Edexcel's awarding organisation in April 2013, Edexcel became a qualification brand, now standing as one of Pearson’s leading brands. Learn more

Taking an Exam
Open Notebook

Open Notebook

Math Notebook and Calculator

Math Notebook and Calculator

Still Confused about which Curriculum & Examination
board is best for you?

The two most popular examination boards offered in the UK currently are Pearson Edexcel and Oxford International AQA. Edexcel has been developed by domain specialists and is subject to routine review to keep the subjects updated and relevant. They offer over 40 subjects with examinations taken at the end of the course. Edexcel is recognized internationally and holds a very high standard. International Edexcel students are given the same status as British GCSEs when evaluating candidates for university admission. As the system has been designed to keep the courses and syllabus up to date and current, many universities give marginal preference to this qualification for admission to courses of study which are swiftly evolving. We at British International school have years of experience delivering the Edexcel curriculum and preparing our students for board examinations all the way from Year 1 to A-Levels. The Edexcel curriculum prompts teacher-student engagement, it is not as simple as an educator delivering a class by the practice of repeated reading and writing without necessarily understanding the subject/topic. The curriculum stipulates our educators to spark discussion in class and to connect with every student hence we follow a strict 1:15 teacher-student ratio avoiding over-crowded classrooms.  

Our Latest News

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